Climate Control Devices

Temperature control devices For a professional climate control we offer sound proofed units with performance levels corresponding to the room size. They ensure a constant temperature between 55° to 57° F /12° C to 14° C. Depending on the model, you can climatize a room with a volume of up to 1500 cubic feet. All devices are relatively easy to install and adjust to the size of the available space. To reach an optimal environment it is recommended to insulate the interior walls, ceiling and doors of the room to be ventilated with Styrodur or similar insulating materials.


Use a humidifier A humidifier is a device your wine cellar should not do without. A balance of temperature and humidity is critical for the proper storage and aging of wine. Temperature affects the rate of maturation while the right humidity keeps corks in good shape. The temperature and relative humidity will allow the wines to mature slowly, reduce mold growth, keep the corks from drying out, and prevent spoiling of the labels. Ensure your wine cellar has the proper conditions with the proper temperature control device and a humidifier.